For us, it’s not a numbers game.

When we first went into business, our focus was never on the quantity of phone lines we could have open at any one time. World of Communications has been built around the customer and their connectivity needs. So for us, it’s about the quality of the devices we carry, the reliability of the plans we offer, and the dedication to excellence in the customer experience area.

World of Communications is located at 4904 13th Avenue, in the Borough Park section of Brooklyn, NY 11219. From this modest storefront, we serve thousands of customers with allencompassing offers that help make their travels seamless and empowered:

World of Communications is also the best local prepaid phones dealer. Our no-contract plans enable you to choose a phone and pricing range that work for you, without ever worrying about hidden charges or overage fees. It also means no monthly bills, and no tie-down to the same device for two years. And speaking of no tie-down, be sure to check out our great deals on international calling cards

Another great service we provide is our refill-by-phone program. Time to reload your prepaid phone account? Simply call in our automated 24-hour line and refill your phone with the press of a button. This service is available anytime, anywhere, and spares you the need to speak with a representative.

So, you see: Whatever your communications needs – be it a suite of phones and gadgets for your family trip or a simple, reliable plan for the connected businessman – World of Communications is one click or phone call away.
When you need a line, we’ll hook you up.