Terms & Conditions


At the time of a purchase an account is created with your Name, Address, and some more personal information. We save this for our records and for your convenience and don't disclose this information. Credit cards will be processed by the Credit Card Company direct for your Security.

We at WOC have the latest technology to protect your privacy however we do not take responsibility in any event of fraud and computer glitches.


When using this site, you need to adhere to WOC Copyright rules. All content including graphics, text, logos, button icons, images, digital downloads, and software is the property of World of Communications and is not to be duplicated in any form.

Fees and Taxes

All transactions are taxable according to NY state taxation laws, and changes in local state laws will be strictly adhered to.

In accordance with the law, WOC will only exempt an order from taxes if the tax exemption form is on file.

No refund will be issued to back transactions that have already been taxed.


Any and all credit card chargeback fees - including accompanying processing fees - will be forward to the customer's responsibility.

Credit Card Transactions

Checking terms and conditions on the online order form is the equivalent of providing a signature. Customer is thereby authorizing WOC to charge their credit card.

WOC offers store credit only - no credit card refunds.

WOC reserves the right to charge cards in advance before set renewal date for phone refills.

WOC cannot be held responsible for credit card fraudulence.

It is the customer's responsibility to inform WOC of updates to credit card, address and phone number information.

By signing standard WOC documents, customer authorizes WOC to charge their credit card(s), and agrees to never charge back without written permission from WOC.


WOC assumes no responsibility for delayed refill transactions, and offers no reimbursements as such.

When changing from monthly to standard subscriptions plans, it is the customer’s responsibility to call in and speak with a live representative to enact such change.

WOC assumes no responsibility for any payments lost due to porting, and offers no reimbursements as such.

Customer assumes responsibility for duplicate transactions and/or losses due to duplicate transactions.

All upgrades are instantaneously put in effect.

Pins payments or refills are non-refundable.


All Sales are Final. Merchandise that was not used and is in the original packaging can be exchanged or returned for store credit within 14 days of purchase. Return Shipping is at the customer's expense and there will be an additional $10 Restocking fee. Items purchased online can be returned in the store with the original receipt. 


For your protection, WOC’s Kiosks are fully protected with the highest level of Kashrus. Our devices are all filtered by Techloq. In the event of something being blocked and you need it opened, you can always send

an email to kiosk@wocinc.net and it will be opened shortly after. (within normal range of hours)

Whatever you download, browse, or search will not be saved. As soon as you log out all your personal information will be deleted so you can browse, download without worry.


If a device is damaged, the customer is responsible for full repair expense.

Please keep the place clean and the noise level down.

Minutes / prints are non-refundable.

To access the kiosk area you must be over the age of 18. No more than 2 people aloud

in per kiosk.

Kiosk Logins are not to be shared with anyone!

We have the right at any time to suspend a customer for not adhering to these rules without prior notice.

We appreciate and validate our customers feedback. Feel free to send us ideas, and commentary to Kiosk@wocinc.net.